Port of Oakland

Outer Harbor Terminal

Berth Designation: Outer Harbor Terminal, LLC
1599 Maritime Street
Oakland, CA 94607
Terminal Operated by: Outer Harbor Terminal, LLC
Acreage: 208 acres
Length 4,100'
Numbers 22 - 26
Depth 50' MLLW
Current Steamship Lines and Services:  
Hapag Lloyd Med Pac, Oceania Service
Hamburg Sud Med Pac, Oceania, South Seas Service, WAMS, AAS-2 Service
Maersk Oceania, Jaguar, Pearl Services
MSC California Express, Oceania, NWC, Jaguar and Pearl Services
Polynesia Line South Seas Service
US Lines Oceania
YML, Hanjin,Cosco, HMM, APL, EGA Calco A / JAS Service
UASC, China Shipping, CMA, Zim AAS-2 Service
K-Line Calco A & B
MOL Calco A & B
Terminal Equipment:  
Cranes 2 Panamax, 4 post Panamax, 1 super-post  Panamax
Tophandler / Sidehandler 28 / 6
Tractors 70
Bombcarts 75
Terminal Capacity:  
Total Import 9,320 TEU
Total Export 10,973 TEU
Total Empty 19,442 TEU
Wheeled Parking Spots 900
Reefer Plugs 884
Gate Complex:  
Scale Lanes 14
Inbound / Outbound Lanes 16  / 6
Queuing inside main gate 60 truck trailers / 30 bobtails
C-TPAT Certified 
TWIC compliant 
Surveillance camera network 
Radiation Portal Monitors 
Gate webcam http://paolivecam.portsamerica.com/

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