Ports America


Ports America is the leading U.S. marine terminal operator and stevedore company, spearheading public-private partnerships (PPP), operating in over 70 locations and 33 ports. Globally connected to the supply chain, the company proudly provides services for container cargoes with a network of 28 container terminals and 18 U.S. ports, and holds approximately one third of the U.S. container market share.

Ports America container terminal operations are located near major consuming populations centers in their respective regions. Strategic markets include Los Angeles, New York/New Jersey, Baltimore, Miami, Tampa, New Orleans, Tacoma and Houston.

Ports America has a significant on-going investment program. Ports America Chesapeake entered into a public private partnership with the Port of Baltimore in 2010, involving a $105.5 million development. An additional investment of $160 million is now in progress at the Seagirt Marine Terminal which includes an additional berth designed to handle 14,000 TEU ships, and four Super-Post Panamax gantry cranes providing the ability to handle two ULCVs simultaneously. Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT) secured a long-term extension of its lease agreement with the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey in 2011 and embarked on a half billion dollar terminal development and expansion plan. PNCT already invested close to $400 million on capital improvements and remains committed to investing an additional $200 million over the next few years. With its upgraded berths and thirteen ULCVs/Post Panamax cranes, PNCT has the ability to service two 14,000 TEU vessels simultaneously.

Continued investments are also in progress at the ports of Tampa, New Orleans and Los Angeles, further positioning Ports America as a leader in container terminal investments and future volume growth.

Joe GrecoVice President, Commercialcontainers@portsamerica.com