Ports America


Ports America is the largest Auto/RoRo stevedore in America operating in 15 ports on all three coasts handling in excess of 2 million units annually. Cargoes include new and used vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery, aviation and transportation equipment, boats and yachts, military equipment, and a broad range of static cargoes.

Ports America is committed to providing their customers and supply chain stakeholders with the highest quality RoRo stevedoring services in America. In partnership with Customers, Processors, and Port Authorities, the company is a proud sponsor and contributor to many RoRo Quality Handling events and workgroups across the country. Over the last 10 years Ports America’s RoRo sites have completed thousands of operational projects, big and small, to drive a constant improvement culture that targets safety, quality and efficiency in all operations.

Luke DoremusVice President, Auto/RoRoautororoops@portsamerica.com