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Trucker Requirements
TWIC Compliance

    All Container Haulers/drivers are required to have a valid TWIC or approved escort (for Breakbulk trucks Only).

    All Terminal Employees and Labor must have a valid TWIC.

    All PAC contractors and vendors who visit PAC on a regular basis require a TWIC.


    For registration go to www.emodal.com

    For registration issues call MPA Operations call 410-633-1123

    For eModal support call 949-474-3149 or 866-758-3838

RFID Tag Requirement

Each truck entering the Seagirt Marine Terminal must have a valid RFID tag mounted correctly. To obtain an RFID tag, go to www.emodal.com. For inquiries please contact eModal at 866-758-3838 or email support@adventintermodal.com . In case of lost RFID tag, report to eModal immediately.

Trucking Company & Truck Driver Access -
Terminal Chassis Provider

TRAC Leasing: www.tracconnect.com or 410-409-8610 Direct Chassis Link: www.chassislink.com or 571-289-8628 Flexi-Van: www.flexi-van.com

Acceptable Transactions
All listed Container Terminal Gate Transactions and required information defined are validated in the
Seagirt TOS Portal
Empty Delivery
Steamship Line **|** Valid Booking Number | License Plate Number
Import Delivery
Container Number | Bill of Lading Number | License Plate Number
Receive Exports
Trucker responsible for container arrival for vessel cut off | Steamship Line | Export Booking Number | License Plate Number | Container Size (Length/Height) and Type | Proper Hazardous Cargo Documentation | Titles for Automobiles | Reefer Commodity and Temperature
Receive Empty
Steamship Line | License Plate Number | Container Size (Length/Height) and type