Ports America Achieves Safety Milestone in Freeport, Texas

During the August 2016 Port Freeport Commissioners meeting, Ports America was presented with a safety award for achieving “ZERO” loss time for the previous year, 2015.

Ports America operations in Freeport endured considerable operating changes due to market demands throughout the past few years. Despite these challenges, the site continued to push forward towards a common theme, SAFETY FIRST, to the frontline vessel and yard operations to achieve a “ZERO” loss time target goal. Ports America managers persistently held labor to a higher operating safety standard by involving them in safety meetings, training, and, lastly, holding them accountable for their actions.

Ports America would not have been able to achieve this significant milestone without the support and participation from ILA Local’s 30 & 1817, Dole Fresh Fruit Company, and the Port Authority. Safety is everyone’s responsibility; receiving this safety award further reinforced the dedication, commitment and culture to safety that all Freeport personnel possess.

Congratulations to the Freeport team!